Thursday, September 22, 2011

An interesting note. Well, interesting to me at least. I have recently found a petition submitted to the Virginia House of Delegates in 1785 from Henry County. The petition has the signatures of Thomas Lockhart, my 4th great grandfather, one of his sons, Robert, and two of his wife’s brothers, Richard Stockton and Robert Stockton.

The above information is interesting in itself however the petition also contains the signatures of Joseph Peregoe and Joseph Peregro. More than likely, one of these men is a son of Edward Pedigo (Peregoy, Pediford), my 4th great grandfather, and the other a son of Robert Peregoy, Edward’s brother.

This again is interesting however the petition also contains the signatures of Thomas Edwards and William Edwards. Thomas is the brother of Mary Edwards who married Edward Cochram and William is either her brother or her father. You may remember that the daughter of William and Mary Edwards Cochram, Leah, married Henry Pedigo. If you would like a copy of the petition, I would be happy to email same.