Friday, July 31, 2009

Photo of William and Rebecca Wade Gabbert, c. 1860.
William was the son of Thomas and Mary Elizabeth De Pauw Gabbert and the brother of Rachel who married Joseph Lockhart. If you can't figure this out, William was my 2nd great uncle.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

If any are keeping count (and I am not under the illusion that you are), a list of known direct relatives who served in or for the United States as armed or unarmed patriots.

Lockhart side:
Charles De Pauw, French army, Revolutionary War.
Charles De Pauw, Kentucky militia, War of 1812.
Mathias Gabbert, patriot, Virginia, Revolutionary War.
Dawson Shull, Indiana artillery unit, Civil War.
Ralph Lockhart, Army, World War I.

Myers side:
Jacob Tanner, Virginia militia, Revolutionary War.
Christopher Tanner, Virginia militia, Revolutionary War.
Frederick Tanner, Kentucky militia, War of 1812.
John Zimmerman, patriot, Virginia, Revolutionary War.
Mordecai Mendenhall, patriot, North Carolina, Revolutionary War.
Edward Pedigo, Virginia line, Revolutionary War.
Strangeman Hutchins, patriot, Virginia, Revolutionary War.

This is a work in progress and new names might be added.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

To commemorate the victory over the British at Yorktown, the Continental Congress on October 29, 1781, authorized the Yorktown Victory Monument. Construction began a century later with completion in 1884.
Family members present at the battle:
Lockhart family: Charles De Pauw.
Myers family: Jacob Tanner
There is a possibility that Jacob Tanner's father; Christopher; was also there .

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just for the fun of it I have decided to show a copy of some online correspondance with the National Archives. The next bit is one page and all of the information concerns the same order. Remember that this a GOVERNMENT AGENCY!!!!! They could not find their bottom (clean version) with two hands and a map!

Order Status Legend
Your order is currently being reviewed and will be submitted shortly.
Your order has been successfully submitted.
Your order has been reviewed and we are searching our holdings for the requested records. If located, we will photocopy the records.
Awaiting Shipment
We were able to locate the records you requested and have made your photocopies. Your order will be shipped shortly.
Your order is complete and has been shipped by the method selected while placing your order. Your credit card will be charged at this time.
Negative Search
We were unable to locate the records you requested. You will receive a written notice by mail indicating the reason.
Your order has been cancelled per your request.
Your order is no longer valid due to unpaid balance.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Still sorting through papers and found another mistake......Oh well.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some records that I missed!
I’m not sure where I found the date of October 11, 1869 for the birth of Jesse H. Lockhart, father of Ralph, but it appears that I have made a mistake. Of course, not my first and not my last.

While trying to sort some family records today I noticed that on the 1870 census which lists Joseph and Mary E. Lockhart & family that there was no Jesse. This census page is listed as taken on June 8, 1870 and NO JESSE.

Okay, I go to the 1880 census and find Jesse with Joseph and Mary E. in Brown Township listed as a 9 year old with a birth year of 1871. Okay, census records are a bit iffy so I compare this to the 1900 census. Jesse and his wife, Martha Jane Shull (Mattie) were living in Washington Township with Ralph, a one year old son. This census was taken on June 19-20-21, 1900 and it lists his birth month as October, the birth year as 1870, his age as 29 and married one year.

The next record checked was his marriage certificate and marriage return. Jesse and Martha were married on December 11, 1898. His “age next birthday” is listed as 29. So, if you do the math, the preponderance of evidence (2 out of 3) indicates his birth as October (11), 1870.

As for Martha Jane Shull, census listings and the marriage return show her birth year ranging from 1876 to 1881.….take your pick! And of course, most records list her as either Martha A. or Mattie A.. The only mention of her as Martha J. is her obituary.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Woooops! I think it is best if I stop looking into this side of the family!
One Robert Wilson of Halifax, Yorkshire was gibbeted (the loss of one’s head, literally) in Halifax in 1598; his crime seems to have been counterfeiting. Now I will admit that this side of the family is a bit fuzzy and I have not confirmed that this is in fact one of my 12th great grandfathers. But, it seems more than coincidental that Robert Wilson from Halifax who died in 1598 is listed as the husband of Agnes Midgley, who had a daughter named Janet Elizabeth who married William Swyft. I guess that they weren’t all parsons