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Rachel Gabbert, daughter of Thomas and Mary Elizabeth De Pauw Gabbert, was born in either Lincoln or Casey County, Kentucky about 1808.
Her birth date is unknown however, because of the date of her marriage, she is assumed to be the first child. Given that, and the marriage date of
her parents, it is assumed that she was born March/April 1808.
Census References:
++1810 census, Casey County, 2 girls under 5++
++1820 census Liberty Township, Casey County,++

The Gabberts moved to Washington County, Indiana between 1820 and 1823.
Rachel Gabbert was married in Washington County, Indiana to Joseph Lockhart March 20, 1823. Rachel and Joseph were married by Amos Wright who was the pastor of Mill Creek Church of Christ. The Lockharts were members of the church, the Gabberts were not on a list of members. Joseph was the son of William and Elizabeth Fletcher Lockhart; born in Virginia about 1798. Rachel would have been somewhere around 15 years old and Joseph would have been around 25 years of age. I assume that Joseph is buried, along with his parents, in Mill Creek Cemetery.

Joseph died before August 22, 1828 when his estate was appraised. He would have been around 30. Rachel's father, Thomas Gabbert, was administrator of Joseph's estate. The estate was appraised August 22, 1828 and sold on September 20, 1828.

Rachel was pregnant and a widow with 2 children, Polly and Thomas, at about the age of 20. Joseph (2nd) the son of Rachel and Joseph (1st) was born Dec. 11, 1828, about 5-6 months after Joseph's (1st) death.

Rachel married George Brittain Jan. 10, 1831, about age 23. Rachel seems to have died about 1835, about age 27. Rachel's father, Thomas Gabbert, was appointed guardian of the Lockhart children in 1835.

Polly Lockhart seems to have died prior to November 1839 when she was not mentioned on a guardianship concerning the estate of N. B. De Pauw. Napoleon Bonaparte De Pauw was Rachel Gabbert's uncle who died June 2, 1838. (Above)


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