Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just for the fun of it I have decided to show a copy of some online correspondance with the National Archives. The next bit is one page and all of the information concerns the same order. Remember that this a GOVERNMENT AGENCY!!!!! They could not find their bottom (clean version) with two hands and a map!

Order Status Legend
Your order is currently being reviewed and will be submitted shortly.
Your order has been successfully submitted.
Your order has been reviewed and we are searching our holdings for the requested records. If located, we will photocopy the records.
Awaiting Shipment
We were able to locate the records you requested and have made your photocopies. Your order will be shipped shortly.
Your order is complete and has been shipped by the method selected while placing your order. Your credit card will be charged at this time.
Negative Search
We were unable to locate the records you requested. You will receive a written notice by mail indicating the reason.
Your order has been cancelled per your request.
Your order is no longer valid due to unpaid balance.

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