Friday, September 25, 2009

In keeping with posting family news, the following 2 edited emails from Robin.

On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 8:24
Hi Uncle Jon, We took a break from going into the city. There is construction going on at the house and I need to be around to sort of oversee things. I don't know if my mom told you, but we are putting the house up for sale in the spring. When there is a break in the action here, my daughter and I will be going back into NYC as she is trying to find a modeling agency to sign her. I would love to visit with Kelly. I know I have asked for her email address before and must have misplaced it. If you could give it to me again, I would appreciate it. Thanks again for forwarding the family info.
Sorry to take so long to get back to you on that. Always love to see what you're sending. As far as what we all will be doing after the house is sold, remains to be worked out. It is time for some changes. It is just too much work and too expensive to maintain. My mom is becoming very limited in what she is physically able to do. My brother thought that he could build her an apartment at his house, but he may have to sell his house also because he can't find work. My daughter is graduating this year and wants to pursue modeling and acting. Although I would prefer to move elsewhere, NYC is the place for her to try to get a start. As long as my mother and brother are still here, we will stay. It's too bad my mom can't come out there to visit. I know she would really love to, but I don't think she is up to it. Anyway, that's the update from NJ. Hope things are going well at your end. Thanks for keeping in touch, it means a lot. Robin

On Fri Sept 25, 2009

Hi Uncle Jon- I will check with my mom for the address, thanks. My brother was let go from his job in the spring and as yet has not been able to find another one. It is very hard here right now because of the economy. He taught part time at a college a few years back and I believe he intends to see if possibly he could do that again. I know he talked about needing to get another degree in order to do it full time.
I wanted to let you know that my daughter was able to use and apply family history information on the Revolutionary war record of Edward Pedeford (Pedigo) in her studies of that war. In fact, it is made mention that the Continental Army encamped at Hopperstown (HoHoKus,NJ). Washington made a house there, called the Hermitage, his headquarters in July of 1778. We pass it almost everyday. Many years ago, both I and my mom were volunteers there. My mother made patterns from old dresses found in the attic and from that constructed new ones that tour guides could wear. I was a guide for a time. But according to the info, Pedigo would have been at Camp White Plains at the time, which is not that far. My brother got a degree from Pace University, located there. For my daughters' American History class, we have a special focus on the 400th Anniversary of the founding of the Hudson River this year, and the history of this region. So it is interesting to connect some historical dots. We are actually visiting West Point tomorrow and the spot where they hung Major John Andre for treason because of his connection with Benedict Arnold. We will try to send some pictures. I need to catch up with the blogs so I can share some of our stuff. Take care- Robin

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