Monday, November 16, 2009

All in all, as far as family history goes, I have had a very productive month. Several items found include:
1819 Washington County property deed for Phillip Shull.
3 entries in probate books concerning the estate of Phillip and Susanna(h) Shull.
1825 Washington County property deed where William Lockhart sells land to Thomas Gabbert. If you have been paying attention, you know that both of these individuals are my 3rd great grandfathers.
1838 Washington County property deed which states in part, “This Indenture, made this Twenty sixth day of September One Thousand eight hundred and thirty eight between Thomas Gabbert and Frances Jane his wife……”
Frances Jane Hungate was Thomas Gabbert’s 2nd wife, confirmed by the entry in the marriage record book for Washington County (Married May 14, 1836 by Hanes Bartlett, a Methodist deacon.). The legal description on the deed confirms that this was part of the property purchased from William Lockhart in 1825 while Gabbert’s 1st wife Mary Elizabeth (Polly) De Pauw was still living. In other words, this confirms that this is my 3rd great grandfather.
The above information and the 1844-1848 estate papers from Buchanan County, Missouri for Thomas Gabbert, which contains a widow’s receipt signed by Frances J. Gabbert, confirms this is my 3rd great grandfather.
In 1808 the federal government released lands in several states for sale and these sales were recorded at Jeffersonville, Indiana Territory. A William Lockhart made the following purchases:
Entry # State County Legal Acres Date
00087 In Clark SW S07 TO1 N1OE 160 1808 05 06
00111 In Clark Same as above 160 1808 05 06
01145 In Clark Same as above 160 1811 04 27
I have made several attempts to find these records (and a record from 1816) in the State Archives but have not, as of yet, been able to wake up the staff long enough to have a reply.
Here it should be noted that Washington County was formed in 1814 and took part of Clark County. This property could then could then have been located in Washington County. While the dates, 1808-11 are very early, this does not mean that William was in the area by that date. I will need to find deed transfers and surveys (if they exist) to confirm when William and family moved from Virginia to Indiana. William and family appear on the 1820 census for Washington County. The earliest date that I have for the Gabbert family is 1823 when Joseph, son of William and Elizabeth Fletcher Lockhart married Rachel Gabbert, daughter of Thomas and Mary Elizabeth De Pauw Gabbert.
There is also an agreement between Elizabeth Stockton Lockhart and her son William Lockhart made in PATRICK County, Virginia that I HOPE to obtain.
(There is also a discussion on whether Elizabeth Stockton Lockhart, mother of William, was living with this family at the time. The census shows 2 women over 45 in the household, so Mrs. Lockhart, the senior, could have been one of them and Mrs. Lockhart, the junior, the other.) ****
The May 10, 1848 final accounting of the estate of Napoleon B. De Pauw, a brother of Mary Elizabeth De Pauw Gabbert. The estate mentions Thomas and Joseph Lockhart as heirs of Rachel Gabbert Lockhart Brittain. Again, if you have been paying attention, you know that this Joseph is my great grandfather and Rachel is his mother. The papers also mention a minor heir, George Brittain, son of Rachel by her 2nd husband (this is a new find, no mention of this individual in any records before). There is no mention of Polly (Mary) Lockhart (sister of Thomas and Joseph) nor Rachel, other than deceased.
Several probate and guardianships concerning direct relatives.
An 1842 lawsuit filed against Thomas Gabbert as former guardian of Thomas and Joseph Lockhart by the new guardian. Of course, being of such quick wit, I have not exactly figured this one out however it does mention a 40 acre farm belonging to the estate of Joseph Lockhart (d. 1828). This property was not mentioned in the estate papers that I have from 1828.
**** I do love confusing you all.

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