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George and Ann Reed Gabbert were the parents of Thomas Gabbert.
Thomas and Mary Elizabeth De Pauw Gabbert were the parents of Rachel Gabbert.
Joseph and Rachel Gabbert Lockhart were the parents of Joseph Lockhart.
Joseph and Mary E. Elliott Lockhart were the parents of Jesse Lockhart.
Jesse and Martha J. Shull Lockhart were the parents of Ralph Lockhart.
The will of George Gabbert was written on June 22, 1821 and was exhibited and ordered to be recorded on October 8, 1821.
In other words, George died between June 22, 1821 and October 8, 1821.

The following is the will of George Gabbert provided by Jon Lockhart (copy from the Lincoln County, Kentucky clerk's office) and transcribed by Shirley Vildibill.
(Underlined spaces reflect words I couldn't make out. Spelling and punctuation are like what was written, I tried to keep it the same. Any typing errors are mine!)

Kentucky Lincoln County Court set. a county court holden for the county of Lincoln at the courthouse in the town of Sandford on Monday the ninth day of December in the year of 1822.
In the name of God amen, I George Gabbert Senr of Lincoln County and commonwealth of Kentucky being sick of body but sound of mind and memory, thanks be to Almighty God for the same; and calling to mind the frailties of human nature knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make , constitute, appoint and declare this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following ------------
In primus, First I recommend my soul into the hands of the Almighty God who gave it trusting in the merits of His Blessed son Jesus Christ to meet a joyful resurrection at the last day. My body I commend to it's Mother Earth to be interred in a Christian manner at the discretion of my executors hereafter mentioned and whatever temporal Estate it has pleased God to bless me with I desire may be disposed of as hereafter mentioned. Then it is my will and desire that my beloved wife, Ann Gabbert live upon the plantation whereon I now live during her natural life or Widowhood and that she my said wife and three Daughters towit Sally, Rachel and Nancy Gabbert enjoy the same without molestation during the life of my said wife and I also bequeath in like manner all my Household and Kitchen furniture of every kind and nature whatever the full use and occupancy thereof I bequeath to them as long as my said wife shall live and remain a widow it is my will and desire that my said wife Anne Enjoy the use and benefit of all my stock of horses, cattle, hogs and sheep during her life for the use and Benefit of my said three Daughters namely Sally, Rachel and Nancy Gabbert so long as they remain and keep together and that my said Son Michael Shall life in the house with his mother and sisters and have the privilege of working the plantation and Horses for the support of my said and three Daughters and that he my Said Son Michael Shall be considered as a Guardian for my said wife and three Daughters as long as my wife shall live and remain on the Plantation and I do moreover enjoin upon my said Son Michael that he provide for his Mother and three Sisters namely Sally, Rachael and Nancy such provisions as they have been accustomed to while they lived with me.
And whereas I have sold my Plantation where I now live to my son Michael Gabbert for the sum of Twelve hundred dollars to be paid squally amongst all my Children himself to be considered as on amongst them the payments to commence at Christmas 1823 and so continue to pay an Equal proportion thereof for six (?) years thence next ensuing for let it now be known and understood that my said Son Michael is to have annual equal installments to pay for the land to commence at Christmas 1823 at death of my said wife it is my desire that she dispose of all my remaining stock of every kind and nature Whatever household and Kitchen furniture and Farming utensils in any manner or form she may think proper not doubting but she will dispose of the same in and Equitable manner. I do hereby Require and Request that my wife pay my son Thomas Gabbert the sum of Fifteen dollars in any Trade that she can best Spare being the sum due and payable to him this fall. Lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my son John Gabbert and Peter Depeaw my Executors to this my last Will and Testament sealed with my seal and dated this 22nd day of June 1821.
George C Gabbert

This at the bottom of the page in very small handwriting.
Signed sealed published pronounced and declared to be the last will of the said George Gabbert in presence of Jos W. Withers James McFerrin and Jos Miller

This from the next page....
Kentucky Lincoln County Court Set at a County Court holden for Lincoln County on Monday the eighth day of October 1821.
The last will and testament of George Gabbert deceased was exhibited into Court and proven by the oath of Joseph W. Withers and James McFerrin two subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.
Witness Thomas Helm Clerk

If you did not read the will, the next bit will not make sense......
Okay, if you read the will, you will understand why the dates on the inventory of the property of George Gabbert are much later than when the will was recorded.
The earliest date on the documents in this file is "Jany 24th 1827" which is inscribed on two documents written by Peter De Pauw concerning the appraisal (or, as they call it, the "appraisment") of the estate. The date indicates that Ann Reed Gabbert, widow of George, had died, remarried or moved away from the home property prior to this date. There does not seem to be any record of a marriage or that she moved away, so I am assuming that she died either very late in 1826 or early 1827. The final report for the estate is dated July 13, 1829.

Peter De Pauw, listed as the executor of the will, was the brother of Mary Elizabeth De Pauw, wife of Thomas Gabbert.


  1. Good info. I am descended through this line via Rebecca Jane Gabbert Jones and grew up in awe of Bertha Gabbert Tabor's sons Johnny and J.D. I wish I had known this info while I was living in Germany!

  2. Glad that you enjoyed the essay. I hope that you also read the pages covering George's father and grandfather published on May 1, 2010.