Sunday, January 30, 2011

I had no intention of revisiting the Gabbert family at this juncture however, as
has been normal of late, while searching for a different family in my computer
files, much to my surprise I found a file that I had received from distant
cousin Ira Gabbert several years ago, put on my computer and promptly lost.
Well, lost is a rather kind word, perhaps forgot is a more appropriate word
which also seems to be normal of late.

Now, for my close family who have as short a memory as I do……….
George and Ann Reed Gabbert
Thomas and Mary Elizabeth De Pauw Gabbert
Joseph and Rachel Gabbert Lockhart
Joseph and Mary E. Elliott Lockhart
Jesse H, and Martha Jane Shull Lockhart
Ralph and Dortha Demaris Myers Lockhart

These deeds are all linked to the estate of George Gabbert and list all of the
surviving children of George and Ann Reed Gabbert. In other words, all of the
property mentioned was owned by George when he died. George’s will was posted
on this blog a few months ago and I am sure that you can find it if you have an
Ira's notes also say that Ann Reed Gabbert died in 1838 but he offers no proof. Ira also mentions a letter from another cousin, Theda Gabbert, in which she states that in a letter from George Gabbert, son of James, to his father that “Uncle Thomas was in Platte County with one son”. Ira also lists Kerlin Cemetery as the burial spot for Thomas. If I am correct, this cemetery is located east of US 59 south of St. Joseph, Missouri and near the Bluffwoods Conservation Area and north of Rushville, Missouri.

You may also have noted that one of the properties is listed as on the drains of Knoblick Creek and Clark's Run. If this sounds familiar, that is because Charles De Pauw also lived in that area.

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