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Part 1.
The early Pedigo and allied families of Baltimore County, Maryland Colony. This essay does not attempt to complete a history of these families, it attempts only to correct some mistakes from past histories and fill in a few gaps.

Notes and some records for the Mumford and Peregoy families from:
Colonial Families of Maryland, Bound and Determined to Succeed, Robert W. Barnes, 2007. Hereafter noted as Robert W. Barnes.

Maryland State Archives. Hereafter noted as MSA.
I have no explanation for the differences in dates between the MSA and Mr. Barnes in these records.

Mumford, Munford and Momfrett.
The first mention of this family group was in Maryland, 343 years ago, when Edward Mumford was “transported” to North America to the Baltimore area in 1668. The word transported could mean several different things, in this case, Mumford signed a contract with “Capt. James Connaway” committing himself to service for a specified time and his passage to North America was paid in return. The "Goulden Wheat Sheaf," a ship from London, Captain James Connaway commanding, in April 1668 brought planters (farmers) from Middlesex (London) to the Maryland Colony. The transcription of the original document is difficult to read but the general statement above is correct. Edward Mumford is listed as passenger #4 when Connaway assigns claim for headright land in 1668.
MSA Patent record for Capt. James Connaway in Liber 11, folio 337; and Edward Mumford as bound to Capt. James Connaway, dated May 21, 1668, in Liber 11, folio 440. These books are transcripts. The original documents appear in Liber GG, folios 280 and 406. MSA. I have copies of both of these transcribed documents.

Edward Mumford’s name appears in The early settlers of Maryland; an index to names of immigrants compiled from records of land patents, 1633-1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland. (Also called Brewer’s List.) Edited with an introduced by Gust Skordas and a foreword by Morris L. Radoff. Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1979. The difference in the dates on the two separate documents above is easily explained if one looks at the written date transcribed by the clerk at the time….frankly it looks like 1667 until one looks at the list of passengers, compares the clerk’s numbers and realizes that it is 1668.

This next bit is confusing and best handled separately.
“On 2 July 1674 William Poultney made a will naming Edward “Monfret” as his executor and sole legatee (MWB 5:116). On 9 Oct 1677, as executor, he filed an account of the estate of William ‘Doultney” [prob. Poultney] (INAC 4:323). He served as executor of William Poultney on 31 Jan 1681 (INAC 7B:170).” Robert W. Barnes.
“On March 1685/6 Mumford conveyed 100 a. Long Island Point to Thomas Stone and Dennis Garrett [This tract had been surveyed in Oct 1671 for William Poultney. (BALR RM#HS: 166).” Robert W. Barnes.
Mr. Barnes lists this transaction as “Mumford conveyed” but does not say specifically that the deed was signed Mumford.
The Long Island Point property was involved in a lawsuit in 1847 which does not concern us much except for the following quotes.
“The patent to William Poultney was dated 10th July, 1671, and was for all that parcel of land, called " Long Island Point," lying in Baltimore County, on the north side of Patapsco river, and on the north-west branch of the river……” This gives the location of the property and it is known that Edward Mumford lived in this area in 1692.

“that a certain William Poultney, of Baltimore County, deceased, was possessed of a tract of land, called "Island Point,'' situate on a branch of Patapsco river, granted unto the said Poultney, for one hundred acres, by patent, bearing date 10th July, Anno Domini, 1671, and died thereof possessed, Anno 1674; and although an alien, made a will, and devised the same to Edward Monfrett, likewise an alien, in the words:
Item. " I give and bequeath unto Edward Monfrett, of Patapsco, all my lands, goods and chattels,"“
Wilson et al. vs, Inloes et al. --1847 pages 121-170.
Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Appeals in Maryland, Richard W. Gill, Vol. VI. Containing Cases in 1847 and 1848, Baltimore, 1852.
There does not seem to be any evidence that Poultney and Mumford were related. I am not sure what the term “alien” means in this case but would assume the meaning to be a non-citizen inhabitant of Maryland.

Property references MSA.
Reference: Patent Record 19, p. 423 Date: 1677 Description: Jones Neglect, 50 Acres; Certificate. Developer/Owner: Munford, Edward
Reference: Patent Record IB and IL C, p. 33 Date: 1684 Description: Hopewell (Formerly called "Sparrows Nest"), 15 Acres; Patent. Developer/Owner: Munford, Edward
Reference: Patent Record IB and IL C, p. 59 Date: 1684 Description: Harts Green, 35 Acres; Patent. Developer/Owner: Munford, Edward

These are property references Robert W. Barnes.
Patent 1 March 1682, 15 acres in Baltimore County, Hopewell.
Patent 1 April 1682, 35 acres, Hart’s Green. Both properties referenced MPL 24:499, 502, 30:33, 59 (whatever that means).
2 March 1685/6 Mumford conveyed 100 a. Long Island Point (discussed above).
4 Dec 1688 Mumford, with the consent of his wife Ann, sold 35 a. Hart’s Green, and 15 other land to Samuel Lockwood (BALR RM#HS:320).
1 June 1696 Mumford sold 15 a. Hopewell to Charles Gorsuch …. (BALR RM#HS: 181).
I question the date on this entry because our Edward Mumford died late in 1691 or very early 1692, after checking the Land Records, Index, it appears that Mr. Barnes entry should read, “1686” not 1696 .
Mr. Barnes states that, “On all of these deeds, Edward Mumford signed his name.”

These references MSA:
H-O, 1659-1800 [MSA CE 34-2] page f. 0339
1685 Mumford, Edward to Stone & Garrett Conveyance}Long Island Point 100 Folio 166
Same to Same Bond} Folio 168
1686 Mumford, Edward & Charles Gorsuch Agreement Folio 181
Same to Same Conveyance Hopewell 15 a Folio 182

1688 Mumford, Edward to Samuel Greenwood Conveyance}
Same to Same Bond } Harts Green 35 a Folio 320
I can not explain the difference in names between MSA and Barnes of the Grantee of Harts Green.

On several family sites Edward is listed as having married a Mary Watkins in Virginia. I could find no records to indicate this is our Edward and doubt that he was in Virginia. There are land records from Maryland however naming his wife as Ann (see above 4 Dec 1688). Edward married Ann unknown last name on an unknown date. Ann was possibly Edward’s second wife and possibly Ann Demondidier. There was an Anthony Demondidier who lived on the “Middle Branch” of the Patapsco during this time period however I can find no reference to a child named Ann.

It would appear that Edward died in late 1691.
MARYLAND INDEXES (Probate Records, Colonial, Index) M, 1634-1777, SE4-13
Mumford, Edward 1692-3 Baltimore Liber 10, folio 278 (inventory). MSA.
“5 Jan 1692 …….. appraised Mumford’s personal estate at £20.11.5 (INAC 10:278).”
Robert W. Barnes.
And now, for those family members who don’t have a clue who the above mentioned persons are:
Edward Mumford m. Ann
Joseph Peregoy m. Sarah Mumford
Henry Peregoy m. Amy Green
Edward Pedigo m. Hanna Elkins
Henry Pedigo m. Lucinda Leah Cockran
Thomas Jefferson Pedigo m. Lydia Elizabeth Tanner
Lucinda Pedigo m. William Riley Mendenhall
Ida Jane Mendenhall m. William P. Myers
Dortha Demaris Myers m. Ralph Lockhart

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  1. Many thanks for your post. I've been studying these issues over the last while and appreciate very much the additional details you've provided that have been confusing in some of the other online records.
    When you write, "I have copies of both of these transcribed documents," do you mean copies of the transcriptions, or copies of the originals, or both? Either way, I'd love to get copies if you can provide them.

    Many thanks,

    Stephen Jones