Saturday, November 24, 2012

Adair County was formed from Green County in
December 1801. Henry Aton appears on the first
tax list for Adair County, Kentucky in 1802 when
he was taxed for owning 75 acres on the drains of
Leatherwood and having one male over the age
of 21 years of age living in his household. Daa,
yes, that would have been Henry himself.

The above deed is dated 1803. In my view, this
deed to Isaac would strongly indicate that Henry
had been married (at least once) before he married
Febe (Phoebe) in Mercer County, Virginia (now
Kentucky). I don't know the legal age for a male
to own property in Kentucky in 1803, but Henry and
Febe had only been married about 11 years at the time.
It seems odd to me that Henry would sell 100 acres
complete with house and animals to an eleven year

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  1. Hi. Didn't read all but saw you viewed my bog and our link, maybe is my first cousin, John Fletcher. Or maybe not.