Tuesday, July 15, 2014

On November 29, 1893 my grandfather Jesse Lockhart married his first wife Dora V. Clausey or Cleusy depending on which record you are reading. Both Jesse and Dora listed Bono as their place of residence. They were married by a magistrate in Lawrence County, Indiana. There are no children recorded for this marriage and Dora died of consumption in 1896. She was buried in Crown Hill Cemetery in Salem, Indiana.

Family members will remember that Jesse and Martha Shull were married in Washington County, Indiana on December 11, 1898.

Martha Shull Lockhart my grandmother was first married to Jesse Lockhart and then second married John Little. Martha and John filed an application for marriage and were married by a Justice of the Peace in Salem on October 7, 1916. Several facts on the application do not seem to match official records elsewhere. This application lists her birth date as January 19, 1897 as opposed to her official birth date of January 19, 1876. The application also lists the death of her first husband, Jesse, as May 15, 1908 while official records list the death on May 15, 1909. The witness to the facts being true in the application was Mary Lockhart. I do not know if this was Martha’s daughter Mary, if it was, she was only fifteen years old at the time.

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