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The following information on the Myers family was found, in part, in documents provided by Karen Kirby.
Nathan Myers died, without a will, on October 27, 1859 leaving 10 heirs. According to court papers filed by John F. and Mahala Myers Willits on June 4, 1860 in the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas the estate was valued at about $10,000 and included 480 acres of farmland and a part interest in a sawmill located in the area.
The court action named above was a Petition for Partition asking the court to divide the estate property amoung the heirs: Mary (Demaris) his widow, Joseph, George W., Rebecca, Samuel, William, Elizabeth, Mary J. and Charles Myers and Mahala Myers Willits, his children.
Each heir received 48 acres, with the property of Mahala, Rebecca, George W. and Joseph being set off and assigned, the remainder belonging to Mary, his widow, and the minor children was left as a whole until such time as the minors reached maturity.
The property assigned to Mahala was actually assigned to her husband, John F. Willits; women did not have much control over their own property in those days. Mahala was John F.’s second wife; he had first married Prudence Myers, Mahala’s sister, who died December 2, 1856 and was buried at Gray Cemetery. The Willits soon moved to Kansas where John F. became a well-known populist politician.
In 1862, Samuel Myers listed above as an heir to the estate of Nathan Myers died in Scottsville, Kentucky.
On September 16, 1862 a marriage license was issued to Rebecca Myers and Joshua J. Clark, they were married in Hamilton County on September 17, 1862.
The Nathan Myers estate was fully and finally settled at the January Term of the Hamilton Circuit Court, 1863.
Samuel Myers’ estate was divided among his siblings and his mother. July 16, 1864 Mahala Myers Willits sold her share of Samuel’s estate to her brother George W.
All seems to be relative calm in the Myers family until the January 1870 Term of the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas when Mary (Demaris) and her children, George W., William, Elizabeth, Mary J. and Charles Myers and Rebbeca Myers Clark file suit against Joseph Myers. Now then, I have read this summary about a dozen times and I guess that this case is about dividing the undivided lands from the estates of Nathan and Samuel Myers.
On September 13, 1872, a marriage license was issued to Elizabeth Myers and John S.(tockley) Lamb and they were married in Hamilton County on September 15, 1872.
On March 1, 1873 a marriage license was issued to (Mary) Jane Myers and Thomas Levi and they were married in Hamilton County on March 2, 1873.
On March 26, 1874 William P. Myers was married to Phoebe Pauline Ballard in Hamilton County.
In 1877 Charles F. Myers married Alta Hunt.
Well, here we go again! On August 10, 1884 Mary (Demaris) Myers died suddenly without a will. In the November Term, 1884 of the Hamilton County Circuit Court,
The Willits, Lambs, Levis and Charles F. Myers file suit against Joseph, George and William Myers and Rebecca Myers Clark, a person of unsound mind, George Myers, her guardian.
Being of limited mind myself, I am not sure what the complaint was, however our William P. seems to have won his part. The case records in part, “The defendant William P. Myers for his separate answer herein denies every allegation in the complaint contained and for a separate cross complaint herein, the said William P. Myers says that he is the owner in fee simple of the 16 acres described in said complaint. That Mary Myers on the __ day of ____, 1884 was the owner of all land described in plaintiffs complaint that at said date she sold said 16 acre tract to the cross complainant for the sum of $900.00 which amount was all paid to her at the time. And the Plaintiff took possession of same and made valuable and lasting improvements and that it was the intention of said Mary Myers to execute a deed of conveyance to cross complainant in a short time for said 16 acres, but on the __ day of August, 1884 she suddenly departed this life without executing said deed of conveyance. The defendants George and Joseph Myers for answer to the cross complaint of William P. Myers say that the matter and things stated therein are true.” The court agreed and on October 19, 1886, a court commissioner’s deed was issued to William P. for the 16 acres.
August 9, 1886, Phoebe Pauline Ballard Myers, wife of William P. died.

The next item to deal with occurs in 1898 and since I do not have a clue as to what happened, I will simply copy items from the abstract prepared for the estate of William P. Myers in 1916.
William P. Myers Warranty Deed $5000.00
unmarried, Dated February 17, 1898.
To Rec. February 17, 1898.
Orlando H. Wise Book 71 page 29.
Conveys:- The north half of the
north west quarter of section 22 town-
ship 18 north, range 4 east.
Subject to mortgage of $1700.00.
Signed:- William P. Myers, and acknowledged before J.W. Smith, seal
a Notary Public for Hamilton County, Indiana.
Orlando H. Wise, Warranty Deed $5000.00
Wife, Mary E., Dated March 5, 1898.
To Rec. April 9, 1898
William P. Myers. Book 71 page 282.
Conveys:- The north half of the
north west quarter of section 22 township 18
north , range 4 east.
This deed is to be delivered to the grantee when said grantee shall
surrender to the grantor a certain unrecorded deed made by the grantor
in this deed and his wife to said grantee conveying to him the south east
quarter of section 22 township 27 south range 17 east in Wilson County,
Kansas. Also a certain promissory note calling for $295.00 executed by
said O. H. Wise and Artemus H. Myers to said William P. Myers. Also when
grantee shall have paid to the grantor the sum of $100.00.

Signed:- Orlando H. Wise, and Mary E. Wise and acknowledged by them before
Milton Hanson, seal, a Notary Public for Hamilton County, Indiana.
June 8, 1896, William P. Myers places a $1700.00 mortgage on his 80 acre farm with Aetna Life Insurance Company, Hartford County, Connecticut.
May 7, 1903, William P. Myers marries Ida Jane Mendenhall Revis in Fountain County, Indiana.
June 6, 1905, Aetna Life Insurance Company releases the mortgage on the William P. Myers farm.
May 26, 1915, John W. Myers (son of William P. by his first marriage), as Guardian of William P. Myers, by order of the Hamilton Circuit Court and Ida J. Myers wife of William P. Myers place a $1400.00 mortgage on his 80 acre farm with Wainwright Trust Company, Noblesville, Indiana.
June 14, 1916, William P. Myers died at Central State Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana, without a will.
June 19, 1916, Hamilton Circuit Court approves Wainwright Trust Company as administrators of the estate of William P. Myers.
June 19, 1916, Hamilton Circuit Court approves Wainwright Trust Company as guardians of Dortha, Mary, Ruth and Nathan Myers, minor heirs of William P. Myers.
October term, 1916 of Hamilton Circuit Court dealing with the division of property of William P. Myers. 20 acres to John Myers and Alva H. Myers (sons of William by first marriage) as tenants in common, 20 acres to Ida Jane Myers, his wife and 40 undivided acres to the minor children ( Dortha, Mary, Ruth and Nathan Myers) of William P. Myers.

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