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This letter is an outline of the life of Ralph F. Lockhart, November 29, 1899 - February 8, 1979. This time frame covers the period November 29, 1899 to July 26, 1924.
November 29, 1899 Ralph was born on a farm in Washington Township, Washington County, Indiana. He was the son, and first child of three, of Jesse Harvey and Martha Jane Shull Lockhart. The 1900 census lists Jesse as a farmer on a rented farm. Both Jesse and Martha Jane could read and write.
Ralph’s maternal grandmother, Amanda A. Rogers Shull, along with an aunt and uncle of his are listed on the 1900 census as living on a rented farm in the same township. The census record also notes that Amanda could not read nor could she write. Amanda died on July 17, 1901and was buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem.
Ralph’s paternal grandmother, Mary E. Elliott Lockhart is listed, as a widow, on the 1900 census as living on a rented farm with her son Benjamin Franklin and daughter Lizzie in Bono Township, Lawrence County, Indiana. While Benjamin appears as head of household, it is listed that Mary E. also rented the farm next to Benjamin’s. Next to this family on the census is Leonard and Rachel Lockhart Howard and their family, Ralph’s aunt, uncle and cousins. It appears that all of Mary E. Elliott Lockhart’s children could both read and write. Mary E. does not appear on the 1910 census nor could I find any record of death or burial.
May 15, 1909 (or 1908, depending on which document you believe) Ralph’s father dies (Ralph said years later his father was killed in a farming accident) and is buried in Saltillo Cemetery in Brown Township, Washington County, Indiana.
1910 census lists Ralph, his mother and sisters Mary and Maude living in Bono, Bono Township, Lawrence County, Indiana. His mother is listed as a dressmaker. It is believed that he attended school at Ft. Ritner. (Information: Madeline Griebennow Heaton)
October 7, 1916 Ralph’s mother, Martha Jane Shull Lockhart, married John A. Little in Washington County, Indiana. It was the second marriage for Martha Jane and third marriage for John. Ralph’s children remember her as Little Mom. John Litle’s 1st wife
died, he married Eva Chastain in 1914, divorced her (or was divorced by her) in 1916 and married Martha Jane in 1916.
Federal records of Ralph’s military service seem to have been destroyed in a fire some
time between 1950 and 1970, however according to records from the Indiana Adjutant
General’s Office dated November 10, 1948, I have found the following. July 18, 1917, listing his residence as Bloomington, Indiana, he enlisted in the army at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri and was assigned to Company I, 36th Infantry. He was made a Private. 1st Class on November 1, 1917 and seems to have been demoted to a Private on June 25, 1918. He was transferred to Company I, 73rd Infantry on August 19, 1918 and promoted to Sergeant on September 14, 1918. He did not serve overseas nor engage in any battles. He was honorably discharged from the service on February 8, 1919. The record lists his age at time of enlistment as 18 years, 7 months old, he was in fact 17 years, 7 months old, or 5 months under the legal age to enlist. X See last page.
The next few years seem to be a very active time for Ralph. Less than a year after his military discharge, Ralph is listed in Clay County, Indiana marriage index as having married Alleen Lee on January 17, 1920. Alleen is listed in different places as being 7-8 years older than Ralph. He is listed on the 1920 (July) census as living in Ward 1, Brazil, Clay County, Indiana with his mother, step father and sisters and is listed as single. (He is also listed as Rupert Lockhart in some indexes.)
Less than 14 months later, he appears on the return of marriages index for both Calhoun and Kalamazoo Counties, Michigan listed as marrying Helen M. Baldwin on February 25, 1921. They were married by John L. Hollander, Judge of Probate, Kalamazoo County, Michigan. Ralph is listed as 21, a mechanic living in Brazil, Indiana and Helen is listed as 24, a stenographer living in Battle Creek, Michigan both had been married once before. X See last page.
Michigan law prohibits searching records and restricts searching indexes for births recorded less that 100 years ago. If Ralph had a child (or children) with Helen some family researcher in the future will have to record the event.
I, as yet, have not been able to find any record of divorce in either case, but am searching.
He appears, again in a marriage record, when on Saturday, July 26, 1924, he married Dortha Demaris Myers in Hamilton County, Indiana.
During the time span of approximately 4 ½ years, Ralph was married 3 times….I am checking Kentucky, Illinois and Ohio for records. It seems that he was on a roll and maybe was trying for a record of some sort.

I was unable to paste a Google map of Washington County here but I assume if you have an intrest, you can Google your own map.

#1 Salem. Amanda A. Rogers Shull, Ralph’s grandmother, is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem. Leonard and Emily J. Aton Shull, Ralph’s great grandparents are buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem. Charles De Pauw, Ralph’s 3rd great grandfather, is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem. William Dawson Shull, Ralph’s grandfather, is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery which is a few miles outside of Salem. Henry and Phoebe Aton, Ralph’s 2nd great grandparents, are buried in Peugh Cemetery which is located a few miles north of Salem, just off of 135.
#2 Claysville. William and Elizabeth Fletcher Lockhart, Ralph’s 2nd great grandparents, are buried near this town.
#3 Campbellsburg. Mary Elisabeth De Pauw Gabbert, Ralph’s 2nd great grandmother, is buried near this town.
#4 Saltillo. Jesse H. Lockhart, Ralph’s father, is buried near this town.
#5 Bono. Ralph and his family lived in this area for several years.
#6 Ft. Ritner. Ralph went to school in this area.

A Goggle search. All of the dates don’t match up for Ralph but this is the best that I could do.
36th Infantry. April 1917 stationed Ft. Clark, Texas. Assigned March 20, 1917 to 3rd Brigade, 1st Provisional Infantry Division. Moved to Ft. Snelling, Minnesota. Assigned to 23rd Infantry Brigade July 5, 1918: relieved from 12th Division January 31, 1919. Moved to Camp Devens, Massachusetts in August,1918.
73rd Infantry. Organized July 1918 at Camp Devens, Massachusetts and assigned to 23rd Infantry Brigade: Relieved from 12th Division and demobilized January 31, 1919, Camp Devens, Massachusetts.
Helen May Baldwin Lockhart, 2nd wife of Ralph, married Peter DeYoung on April 16, 1924 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. So, I assume there was a divorce from Ralph.

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