Tuesday, August 25, 2009

From the Library of Virginia:
Journal of the House of Delegates of Virginia, 1795.
Page 60.
“RESOLVED that it is the opinion of this committee, that the petition of Elizabeth Tanner, widow of Christopher Tanner, who died by sickness contracted in serving a tour of duty in the militia of Culpeper county, at the siege of York, praying that in consideration thereof , and the petitioner’s being in needy circumstances, with several children to maintain, that she may have some compensation or allowance from the state, for her relief and support, be rejected.”
Elizabeth Catharina Aylor, b. March 06, 1719 in Botenheim, Wuttenberg, Germany, married Christopher Tanner c. 1742 in Virginia. (Christopher and Elizabeth were my 5th great grandparents.)

I have not yet found a copy of the above petition, one assumes that the facts are somewhat correct. It would seem to prove that Christopher died after 1781 and prior to 1795. I have a copy of Christopher’s will that shows that court paperwork to process the will started in 1795 and seemed to continue until the will was recorded in 1817.
The above information also seems to prove that Christopher was at York where his son Jacob died in service.

From the Library of Virginia:
On the 25th Sunday after Trinity 1782, at the Hebron Lutheran Church ,Culpeper Co. Va. ( now Madison Co.) there was among the communicants a GeorgeUTZ and his wife Christina. They were sitting with Conrad DELP and wife,Magdalena [Castler], Christopher TANNER and his wife, Elizabeth [ Aylor] andCornelious CARPENTER and wife Mary [Weber].
The above seems to prove that Christopher was alive on the 25th Sunday after Trinity 1782 (whatever date that would be). At least he was in church, either alive or dead, sitting in a pew.

And this from the DAR: A search of our Patriot Index provided the information found below.
COCHRAN, Edward Birth: 1743 Service: VA Rank: Sol Death: VA Before (ante) 1 Jul 1816 Patriot Pensioned: No Widow Pensioned: No Children Pensioned: No Heirs Pensioned: No Spouse: (1) Mary Edwards

Well, the DAR seems to think that Edward served sometime, somewhere during the Revolution. I, on the other hand, have been unable to find any official record of his service.

The tax records of Henry County give us a few clues to the Cockrams and their property during the time of the revolution. In 1779 Edward Cockram's name appears on the tax list followed by numbers indicating his holdings and the amount of tax he owed. A notation by Edward Cockram's name indicated he was to be taxed double, an apparent indication of his refusal to take the oath of allegiance to Virginia.

Edward Cockran/Cockram was the father of Lucinda Leah Cockran who married Henry Pedigo in Franklin County, Virginia on either November 17, 1790 or November 23, 1790. They were married by Randolph Hall a Baptist minister. (Edward Cockran/m was a 4th great grandfather.)


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    I don't have the exact details, but Edward(my 5th great grandfather) was a Patriot, the strongest evidence being a copy of a land deed which was awarded for his service in the Revolution. The deed is digital and can be found at The Library of Vrigina online along with background information about Revolutionary War Land Warrants. Hope this helps!

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      I have not been able to find the the deed that you mention. Thanks!