Monday, August 10, 2009

Things that I am working on this summer.

1. Christopher Tanner's Revolutionary War service record. If it exists.
2. The Indiana portion of the estate of Thomas Gabbert. If it exists.
a. Record of land purchases and sales.
b. Record of distribution of any proceeds.
3. Land purchases and sales for Thomas and Elizabeth Stockton Lockhart.
A. Record of any estate.
4. Any record for Henry and Phoebe Aton.

I also have another web site that displays primary documents on a rotating basis.
This site requires an invitation to view. If you did not receive an invitation and
would like to view or copy them, just email me and I will send an invitation.

I would also like to welcome MooreBranchesFamily to the web site. If you are family and are interested in a particular family, I would be happy to share what information that I have.

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