Saturday, August 20, 2011

1. Baltimore City.
2. Long Island Point located in this area.
3. Bowen's Mount. Jonas Bowen patented Jonas Range in 1685. Jonas Bowen's grandson, John Bowen, sold 50 acres of this property to Edward Corbin in 1716. A property line for Jonas Range was also a property line for Burman's Forest according to a 1734 survey. Bowen also owned several other properties in this area.
5. Bear Creek. Jones Neglect surveyed for Edward Mumford March 5, 1675 located on the east side of Bear Creek on the Patapsco (Neck).
4. Road leading down Patapsco Neck.
6. Road to Philadephia.
7. Area of St. John's parish. Gunpowder River to the north of this area.

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