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Image above part of image from MSA S1190-2398, p. 3 From SL 21,636
This assignment of land seems to bear the signature of Henry Peregoy my 5th great grandfather.

Part 3, and final posting for this family in the Baltimore area. Hopefully I will find enough information on the Virginia and Kentucky line to post later in the year.

Notes and some records for the Mumford and Peregoy families from:
Colonial Families of Maryland, Bound and Determined to Succeed, Robert W. Barnes, 2007. Hereafter noted as Robert W. Barnes.
Maryland State Archives. Hereafter noted as MSA.

Henry Peregoy the senior, son of Joseph and Sarah Mumford Peregoy, was born in Baltimore County c. 1690/95. He married Amy Green, possible daughter of Robert Green, in 1716. The marriage banns for this couple were published in the register of St. Paul’s Parish February 16, 1716. Marriage banns were a requirement by which engaged couples had to announce their intention to marry in their “home“ parish. This announcement allowed anyone in the congregation to voice a legal or religious protest. The marriage banns normally took place on three consecutive weeks before the marriage. St. Paul's first parish church was built on Patapsco Neck in 1693 and the second parish church was built within Baltimore's city limits in 1739.

Property records Robert W. Barnes.
17 Oct 1716 Ebenezer Blackstone of KE Co and wife Sarah conv. 100 a. of Success, being part Burman's Forest to Henry Peregoy (BALR TR#A:414).
2 Sep 1729 Henry Peregoy and his wife Amey conv. 50 a., the residue of Success, now called Miller's Purchase, to John Miller, planter (BALR IS#K:174).
11 May 1761 Henry Peregoy conv. Henry's Lot to Richard Chenoweth, Henry's wife Amy consented (BALR B#1:134). This property did not belong to Henry Peregoy the senior, it belonged to Henry Peregoy the junior. Henry Peregoy the junior's wife's name was either Alice or Mary (probably). Amy Green Peregoy died 1744/45 and, unless she was an extremely strong spirit, did not sign a conveyance in 1761.

The following four abstracts from:
3 Apr 1728, Henry & Aimey Perrygoy planter of Baltimore Co., MD to Robert Green, planter of same, 4,000 pounds of tobacco, 50 acres. /s/ Henry Perrugoy, wit: Thomas Sheredine and John Boreing. (Baltimore Co., MS Libre I.S. No I. 1727-1729).
2 Sep 1729, Henry Perrygay, Planter of Baltimore Co., MD to John Miller, Planter of same 2,000 pounds of tobacco, 50 acres..southwest side of Back River. /s/ Henry Perrygay. Wit: Thomas Sheredine and Thomas Broad. (Baltimore Co., MD, Liber I.S.
No. I. 1727-1729).
10 Jan 1743, Henry Perrigoy, of Baltimore Co., MD to Thomas Sligh of same 9.000 pounds of tobacco, livestock. /s/ Henry Perrigoy. Wit: William Dallam and Richard Caswell. (Baltimore Co., MD Liber TB No. C 1742-1745).
18 Apr 1749, Henry Perrigoe, Planter of Baltimore Co., MD to Thomas Sligh of same, 6Lbs., 20 acres, patented 1 May 1748... Called Henry's delight in Amys Garden /s/ Henry Perrigoe. Wit: Thomas Sheredine and Charles Ridgley. (Baltimore Co., MD Liber T.R. No. C 1748-1750).
I should tell you (if you visit the above site) that it appears to be a site from 1997 and contains (In my opinion.) several mistakes.

Property records MSA.
I have listed the following transactions to show that in just 31 years the children
of Joseph Peregoy were able to purchase the property which Joseph, in part, was used as a headright to purchase originally. In case you don't remember, Henry was the son of Joseph and Sarah Mumford Peregoy and Edward and Joseph were his brothers, Robert Green was probably the brother or nephew of Amy Green Peregoy . Also, Edward Blackstone and Edward Blackiston are the same person, probably different clerks registered the deeds.
BALTIMORE COUNTY COURT (Land Records, Index) A-G, 1659-1800 [MSA CE 34-1] page f 0515 1716 Green, Robert from Ebenezer Blackstone Conveyance Greens Lot
Pt Burmans Forest 44 (or 41 or 47) a folio 416
BALTIMORE COUNTY COURT (Land Records, Index) P-Z, 1659-1800 [MSA CE 34-3] pages f 0007 & f 0008 1716 Edward Peregoy from Ebenezer Blackiston Goodwill Part
Burmans Forest 100 a folio 412
1716 Joseph Peregoy from Ebenezer Blackiston Interest pt of Burmans Forest 97 a folio 413
1716 Henry Peregoy from Ebenezer Blackiston Success pt Burmans Forest 100 a folio 414

BALTIMORE COUNTY COURT (Land Records, Grantor Index) A-Z, 1655-1769 [MSA CE 33-1] page f 0283 1718 Henry Peregoy to Robert Green Greens Purchase
50 a folio 128
BALTIMORE COUNTY (Land Records) IS #K [MdHR 4894;2/12/10/35], pp. 174-176 Henry Perrigoy to John Miller, 17 February 1729 [3]. 09/16/88. Tracking No.: 43131. PD No.: 89-00448.
Reference: Patented Certificate 2290 Date: 1734/06/10 Description: Henrys Lott, Henry Perigoy, 100 Acres Storage Location: 01/25/02/17
I have a copy of the survey of the above “Henrys Lott”. It was surveyed on "July ye 12th : 1732" for "Henry Perigoy Jun" 50 acres and "Henry Perigoy Sen" 50 acres adjoining the "...... line of a tract of Land Called Long Crendon on the hill Lying on the South Side of the South branch of gunpowder river and on a run called Barr(ot?) .....".
The file also contains an assignment of Henry Sen’s 50 acres to Henry Jun which appears to contain an original Henry Peregoy the senior’s signature.

Reference: Patented Certificate 878 Date: 1735/11/07 Description: Burmans Forrest, Henry Perrigoy and Robert Green Etal, 360 Acres Storage Location: 01/25/01/94
In April of 1734, for reasons unknown to me, "Burman's forrest" was resurveyed for, "Henry Perrigoy, Joseph Perrigoy, Edward Perrigoy and Robert Green the afs tract of land ..... lying on the South Side of Back river ....... which center is in the South east line of a tract of land called Jonas's Range and near the road leading down patapasco neck a Smal
distance below John Bowen's plantation ..... " This information proves that Jonas' Range was a tract of land separate from Burman's Forest however I still have found no proof that any of the Peregoy family owned or rented this property.
BALTIMORE COUNTY COURT (Land Records, Grantor Index)
A-Z, 1655-1769 [MSA CE 33-1] page 284 1742 Henry Peregoy to Thomas Sligh (unspecified) sale folio 77
PROVINCIAL COURT (Land Records) PL 3, 1707-1710, MSA SM 22-12 Patented Certificate 2283 1743/09/02 Henrys Delight In Ames Garden, Henry Peregoy, 20 Acres 4 0 MSA S 1190-2391. From the survey of Henry's Delight in Ameys Garden May 1743.
adjoining the ".... Line of a Tract of Land Called Long Crendon on the Hill, on the North Side of BarroXX's Run and on ye South side of ye Main falls of Gunpowder River ..... ".
It appears that after 1729 all land transactions (with the exception of the survey of Burman’s Forest in 1734.) were near the Gunpowder River in St. John’s parish.

Amy Green Peregoy died in Baltimore County 1744/45, probably St. John‘s parish.
This digression will probably confuse everyone, but here I go anyway.
According to the land records above, Henry and Amy and family lived near Gunpowder River (or Falls, same place) which MAY have been located in St. John’s Parish. If this is the case, it might be worthwhile to see if any parish records are available that mention Peregoy births or deaths. I have found that there is a book listing on WorldCat for “Index to Register, St. John's Parish, Baltimore County, Maryland, 1696-1788.” The book seems to be available at only four libraries worldwide, The Library of Congress, Library of University of Pennsylvania, Library at University of Oxford (England) and Budapest University of Tech & Economics. Okay, I contacted the Library of Congress and the best that I could figure from their response was that I would have to fill out a form, attach a check (non refundable.) for $18.00 and mail the request to Washington and they would research (to see if they actually had the book) and mail an answer back to me. Then, if they have the book, I can fill out another form, mail them another check for $15.00 to obtain copies of what I want….Well, I moved on to the University of Pennsylvania to ask if they have the book. They were very helpful at the “Chat line” and tried several times to find the book….while it appeared in their catalog and it had a call number, the book could not be found. I saw very little reason to try Oxford or Budapest Tech.

Three days later I received another email from Library of Congress and yes, they have the book and the information that I want is contained in 14 pages, with page numbers, and an approximate cost and a telephone number to order the pages. So, being gullible, I thought great and called the number. Finally, after several attempts, I talked to, what I assume was, a real live bureaucrat whose response was that I would have to send another email and they would have to check to see if they had the book, and if they did, if I could get copies and what the cost would be…..When I told the bureaucrat what the second email from LOC said, she said, “WHO told you that?” and I gave her the address of the email she said, “I have no idea who that is.” So, I did send another email just to see what will happen next. Not sure that at this point that I would trust these people with my charge card info or a personal check. Seven days later, no reply from LOC. Fourteen days later, no reply from LOC. Sent another email requesting the information but it is time to move on with the story.

Henry married second Providence Corbin November 24, 1745 (or January 14, 1745, both dates seem to be in the parish register.) in St. John‘s Parish, Baltimore County.
Providence appears to have died prior to February 11, 1765 when Henry made his will and did not mention her. I do not know when The Trasey family and Henry Peregoy moved to Frederick County, Virginia. Henry died in Frederick County, Virginia between February 11, 1765 when he wrote his will and when the will was filed for probate on June 4, 1765.

Frederick County, Virginia Will Book 3, Page 297.
In the name of God, amen, the eleventh day of Feb. One thousand seven hundred
and sixty five, I, Henry Peregoy of the county of Frederick and Colony of Virginia, being very sick of body but of good and sound Memory thanks to the Almighty God and Calling to Remembrance the uncertain estate of his Transitory Life and that all flesh must yield to Death when it shall please God to call, do make and constitute and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, revoking and annulling by these presents all and every Testament and Testaments, Will or Wills heretofore by me made and declared either by word or writing and this to be taken only for my last Will and Testament and none other and first being penitent and Sorry from the bottom of my heart for my sins past most humbly deserve forgiveness for the same, I give and commit my soul unto Almighty God my Savior and Redeemer in whom and by the merits of Jesus Christ I trust and believe assuredly to be forgiven and to have full Remission and forgiveness of all my sins and that my soul with my Body at a General Day of Resurrection shall rise again with joy and through the merits of Christ's Death and Passion Possess and Inherit the Kingdom of Heaven prepared for His Elect and Chosen and such good Chattel and Debts as it has pleased God far above my deserts to bestow on me. I do order and dispose the same in manner and form following, that is to say first I will that these Debts and Dues that I owe in right or Consignee to any manner of person or persons whatsoever shall be well and truly contended and paid or ordained to be paid within convenient time after my decease by my Executor hereafter Named.
ITEM: I give and Bequeath unto my beloved Son and Daughter Archibald and Mary Tresey all my goods and Chattels and Tenements and all my Tools and Implements of Labor with all my Bills, Bonds, and Book Accounts which is as followeth to wit: One horse and mare and all my Bedclothes with my Dressing Apparel and do ordain this to my son Archibald Tracey and Mary his wife to be my whole and sole Executors of this my Last Will and Testament and further I will and Bequeath to my son William Brock and his Wife one half crown sterling money to be paid and Raised out of my Estate also it is my Will and desire that none of my other Sons and Daughters disturb this, my son and daughter Archibald Tresey and his wife which is my Real Will and Desire in Witness whereunto he signs. Henry Perigory
Witt: John Wright
John Golohon
Samuel Conour
Will reproduced in the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Virginia Historical Society, Vol. 18., Page 209. ^

Mary Peregoy Tresey (Trasey, Tracy) was Henry’s daughter by his second marriage to Providence Corbin. William Brock was married to Henry’s daughter Ann by his first marriage to Amy Green. John Golohon (Gollaham, Gollohanon) may be the husband of Frances Peregoy, Henry’s sister.

Maryland State Archives has a searchable web site, Well, sort of……I think that this web site is probably, for me, the most confusing (or confused) site I have ever tried to obtain information from. It is only with the most determined point and click and click and click and click efforts that I was able to obtain any useable information. I suppose if you had the time and will to travel to Maryland and trod through, what I see in my minds eye, cobweb and dust clogged hallways to look for dust covered records, you might have some success. I do not have the will…..and at $35.00 a pop for each record that you may want a copy of, I don’t have the money.

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