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Part 2.
Some additional notes for Edward Mumford
Hopewell, 15 acres surveyed 10 March 10, 1681, for Edward Mumford was located on the north side of Patapsco River near Blockhouse Creek.
Long Island Point, the 100 acre property willed to Edward Mumford in 1674, is now part of what is called the Fells Point area of Baltimore.
Notes and some records for the Mumford and Peregoy families from:
Colonial Families of Maryland, Bound and Determined to Succeed, Robert W. Barnes, 2007. Hereafter noted as Robert W. Barnes.
Maryland State Archives. Hereafter noted as MSA.

Sarah Mumford, daughter of Edward and Ann Mumford was born about 1672 in Baltimore County, Maryland Colony. In a deposition Sarah (Mumford) Peregoy states her age as 42years and states that her father, Edward Mumford, told her 30 years ago about the boundaries of a tract of land. Chancery Court Record Liber P.L.Folio104:(Baltimore), dated January 3, 1714. This information gives us her approximate date of birth, her father’s name and since we know when her father arrived in Maryland, her birth place.

Sarah Mumford married Joseph Peregoy about 1688/90.
Sarah died after May 10, 1720 when she “posted an administration bond, with William Loyall and Henry Peregoy as sureties (BAAB 2:449).” Robert W. Barnes. Henry Peregoy was her son.

Pedigo, Peregoy, Peregoe, Perego, Pediford, Pettigo, Peregois, Perigory, Perrigoy, Perigoy, etc..
In London, on July 21, 1685, Joseph Peregoy signed a document which bound him to serve Robert Burman for five years and was transported to Maryland. The exact date of his departure, arrival date in North America, port and ship are unknown. Joseph’s birth date and exact place of birth are unknown, however because of the record below and a deposition given December 4, 1714, Chancery Court Record Liber P.L., folio 103, where he declares his age to be 49, I assume that he was born in France in 1663-1665.
Joseph Peregois is listed in:
Ghirelli, Michael, A List of Emigrants from England to America 1682-1692; Transcribed from the Original Records at the City of London Record Office, Baltimore: Magna Carta Book Co., 1968.
Page 64,
“PEREGOIS, Joseph, A Frenchman, being of full age. Bound to Robert
Burman for 5 years in Maryland. July 21, 1685. 14/333”
It should be noted that July 21, 1685 is the date that Edward signed the agreement, not the date he arrived in Maryland. Most web sites list this date as when he arrived in Maryland but he would have arrived there at a later date.
Robert Burman was a blacksmith/merchant who lived in London. In February of 1685 a 350 acre tract in Baltimore County, Maryland was surveyed for him and this tract was known as Burman’s Forest. It appears that there were several individuals bound to serve Burman during the summer of 1685 ( I have found eight, also listed in Ghirelli’s book.) and I assume that these individuals were then claimed as headrights and land would be granted to the individual such as Burman who paid the passage.

Robert Burman sold Burman’s Forest to Matthew Hudson in 1687. Ref. BALTIMORE COUNTY COURT (Land Records, Index) A-G, 1659-1800 [MSA CE 34-1] MSA
27 Dec 1688 Matthew Hudson made his will, leaving Burman’s Forest and [Hudson’s Forest] to his wife Jane for her life, reserving 100 a. Jonas’ Range to Joseph Perego [sic] (BALR RM#HS:345). Robert W. Barnes.

Matthew Hudson’s will recorded in 1691. Ref. BALTIMORE COUNTY COURT (Land Records, Index) H-O, 1659-1800 [MSA CE 34-2] MSA
I could not find a record of sale or conveyance of Jonas’ Range to Joseph.

Early parishes and hundreds, Baltimore County, Md., including tax lists, years 1692, 1694, 1695.
Clifford E Headington; William N Wilkins; Marion Hull Headington; Ida Charles Wilkins Foundation. Baltimore, Md. 1954.
Page 3. “…. true list of the taxables taken of the Northside of Patapscoe Hundred …this present year 1692 … Nicholas Corbin Constable of Patapscoe Hundred”
“Edw’d. Mumford
Joseph Peregoe 2”
Page 13. “A List of the Taxables names taken by me Selah Dorman Constable of Patapsco hundred in my Precincts on the South Side of Back River in July Anno Dom. 1694” This area is north side of Patapsco.
“Joseph Pelego
Nathaniel Appleby 2”
Page 20. “A List of the Taxables on the North Side of Patapsco Hundred as they are taken by me James Todd Constable for the present year 1695”
“Joseph Perrygoy 1”
The lists above showing three years with three different constables and three different ways to spell Peregoy.

Baltimore County, Maryland, tax list, 1699-1706. Compiled by Raymond B. Clark, Jr., & Sara Seth Clark, 1964. These lists are simply a list of names on the page but are all from “North Side Patapsco” except for 1704 which is listed as “South Side of Back River”. However, all of these listings are for the same area.
1699, Page 4. “Jolep Pericoy”
1700, Page 10. “Joseph Pericoye”
1701, Page 18. “Joseph Pericoy”
1702, Page 26. “Joseph Perruiguoy”
1703, Page 35. “Joseph Peregua”
1704, Page 44. “Joseph Perrygoy’
1705, Page 53. “Joseph Peregua”
1706, Page 61. “Joseph Perrigoe”
Joseph died before May 10, 1720 when his wife, Sarah, posted an administration bond.

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