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Some additional notes for Edward Mumford and Joseph Peregoy. Sorry but I thought I had
found all of the information when I posted part 1 and 2 but it keeps popping up here and there.

Maryland historical magazine. Author: Maryland Historical Society. Publisher: Baltimore, Maryland
Historical Society, 1939. Edition/Format: Journal, magazine : Periodical : English page 286

" Letter of attorney, May 3, 1686, Robert Burman, merchant, appointing Mr. Mathew Hudson
his attorney to govern the servants and overseers on two plantations at Patapsco River.
Witnesses, Edward Mumford, John Harry----, Robert Yas---. Hudson acknowledges
attorneyship at June 1 court. Clerk Hedge attests."

"Bond, June 2, 1686, Charles Gorsuch certifying to agreement that he will not trouble or molest
Edward Mumford, if the latter shall make good the title to the tract "Hopewell,"on the north side
of Patapsco River near land of Solomon Sparrow: ......"

"Deed, June 1, 1686, Edward Mumford conveying to Charles Gorsuch the 15-acre tract "Hopewell,"
on the south side of Sparrow's Creek on north side Patapsco River, near Solomon Sparrow's land. ...."

By the above information we know that Mumford lived in the near vicinity of Burman's Forest in 1686.
We already know that in 1685 Joseph Peregoy was bound in service for five years to Robert Burman. That service,
unless Joseph was released from his contract by Burman, would have lasted until 1690. There is also a possibility
that when Burman sold Burmans Forest to Hudson in 1687 he also sold Joseph's contract of service to

I can't help myself, I have to make a comment on the bond posted by Charles Gorsuch June 2, 1686.
This must have been a rough area in 1686. "trouble or molest"? Charles Gorsuch was a "true and honest" Quaker
but he really must have taken his property buying business very seriously. I wonder if our Edward was quaking
(pun intended) in his boots when Charles came calling.

27 Dec 1688 Matthew Hudson made his will, leaving Burman’s Forest and [Hudson’s Forest] to his wife Jane for
her life, reserving 100 a. Jonas’ Range to Joseph Perego [sic] (BALR RM#HS:345). Robert W. Barnes.
Jonas Bowen seems to have owned Jonas Range at this time, perhaps Hudson had a rental contract with Bowen.
Reference: Patent Record 22, p. 99 Date: 1685 Description: Jonas Range, 100 Acres; Certificate
Developer/Owner: Bowen, John (Jonas) MSA (I have not seen a copy of Matthew Hudson's will and I am relying
on Mr. Barnes information as to what it says about Joseph Perego.)

Maryland rent rolls : Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties, 1700-1707, 1705-1724 : a consolidation
of articles from the Maryland historical magazine. Publisher: Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1976.
page 93

"Jones Neglect, 50 acr Sur the 5 March 1675 for Edward Mumford in patapsco river on the East side
of a Creek Called beare Creek in posestion of Joseph Perregwa rent per annum -..2..-"
"C. Possr StepN Bentley."

"Burmans Forrest, 350 acr Sur the 12 febry 1685 for Robert Burman of London Mrchant Called
Burmans forrest on the south side of back river
100 acr thereof in the posestion of Joseph Perregwa rent per annum -..4.. -
250 acr residue thereof in the posestion of Richard Watkins for Ebenezer Blackiston, rent per annum
"C. Possr 100 a Joseph Perregoy"
I am assuming that the comment at the end of the entries begining with "C." mean that the original entry
was wrong and was "C"orrected.

Also found in the same reference on page 91 was an entry for "Vupper (Upper) Spring Neck, 150 acr
sur the 4 of August 1661 for Walter Dixon in patapsco on the Eastern side of bear Creek .... ". I mention
this entry because in a deposition December 4, 1714, Sarah Mumford Peregoy mentioned that her father
(Edward Mumford) was the chain carrier for this survey. Obviously, this places Edward Mumford in this
area as early as 1661.

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