Thursday, May 21, 2009

An email from Bobbi.....

Uncle Jon,
I will give you a correction on John. He lives in Arlington, Virginia. His main office is there also, but his work often takes him into Washington, D.C. The bank he works for has a branch office pretty much kiddy corner to the White House!
He recently visited Kelly in New York, and he tries to visit Jean, Karen, Robin, and Wally and his family on occasion also.
Thank you for posting Kelly’s email also. I am glad to hear she is back to full time work.
I did not know that Terri was not married. Thanks for sharing that information also.
You are keeping the family in touch with each other. How does it feel to be the great facilitator!?!?!?
On our end, my kids have been battling sinus infections. They are both on rounds of antibiotics and have missed a few days of school. We had a pretty healthy winter. You would think with summer being at our door step everyone would be over all of this, but it has been going around. Over Memorial Day Weekend, the kids and I are trying to squeeze in a quick trip to visit some of my family in southern Wisconsin.
Oh yes, we are foster caring a cat from the Hamilton County Humane Society. It has been awhile since I have been around a cat full time. She has a very sweet personality. The Humane Society is at capacity and is in desperate need of foster care homes and permanent adoptions.
That’s about it for now.
Be good,

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