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This newsletter will cover some of the hunt for the family of Mary E. Elliott, one of my great grandmothers. Not all searches for family members are successful. I will start with what is known about Mary herself and will start at the end of her life and try to work my way back. Death certificate above.

If I have not cautioned before, the information contained on an official document is only as good as the person’s memory that gives the information. In the case above, our informant is "NOT LISTED". The information that needs to have other sources to prove are Date of Birth and Father’s Name and the Birthplace of Father. Her date of birth listed on the 1900 census for Bono Township, Lawrence County is Nov. ‘32, good enough. Her father’s name and place of birth is not so easy as you will see further on in this missive.
I will mention the cause of death, "Remittent Fever". This seems to have been a 19th century diagnosis with symptoms close to malaria. Of course, I have very limited medical knowledge.
Before I proceed very far away from this part, I want to mention the two following records. This information is from "Records of Brown Township" (available in PDF format by searching Google Advanced) Part 6: Casket Lists-Strattan Brothers- 1906-1910 and Part 10: Strattan Brothers Account Book 1906-1910. Strattan Brothers was a hardware store located in Campbellsburg, Brown Township, Indiana.
Lockhart, Mrs. Joseph---casket prior to March 9, 1906 (?)
Lockhart, Mrs. Joseph March 9, 1906 - Jan. 28, 1909
Since the accounts of Strattan Brothers are available only for the years 1906-1910, it would appear that Mary E. Elliott Lockhart’s (Mrs. Joseph) casket was purchased from them in 1905 but not paid for until a later date.
Mary was buried in Saltillo Cemetery, the same cemetery in which her son, my grandfather Jesse, was buried. I can find no record for the death of Mary’s husband Joseph but he died some time between the 1880 census and the 1900 census (as I have stated before, there is no remaining 1890 census). If I were taking bets, I would bet that Joseph is also buried in Saltillo Cemetery. There are no headstones for any of them.
There is a directory for Lawrence County in 1890 with the following list:
This taken from a genweb site for Lawrence Co., Ind.. Taken from a "City Directory"? No other source given. Their parents Joseph and Mary E. were not listed.
B. F. Lockhart (Benjamin Frank(lin) J. H. Lockhart (Jesse H., My grandfather)Occupation: Common laborer Occupation: Common laborer Home Address: Bono Ind. Home Address: Bono Ind. City: Lawrence City: Lawrence State: Indiana State: Indiana Year: 1890 Year: 1890Comment: Bono, lot 107
This is an indication that Lockharts had moved to Bono by this time and that Joseph was dead.****NOTE AT END.
The census page for 1900 is hard to read but if you look closely, you will see that both Benjamin (the son) and Mary E. are renting farms. This is another indication that the Lockharts had moved to Bono by 1890 and were living there, probably, when Joseph died.
I have mentioned the birth date, also of interest are her next door neighbors, The Howards, are Mary’s daughter Rachel and her husband Leonard and their children. Another point is that all of the listed Lockharts could read and write, no big deal today but in that place and time, it was. Another thing to notice is the listed birthplace of her parents, Indiana. On her death record her father is listed as born in Pennsylvania. Keep this in mind because on other records the name of the state changes as well as the name of her father.
Image above: Obit for Elizabeth A. Elliott Douglas who is believed to have been Mary E.’s sister. The important information, for my purpose, is that she was born near Canton (Washington Township, Washington County, Indiana) in 1823, she married William Douglas in 1843 and she is survived by a brother in Iowa, one in Indianapolis and sisters in Orange (Sarah) and Lawrence Counties (Mary). There is no official record of her death filed in Washington County. At this point, there is no proof that she was born near Canton nor, for that matter, in Washington County, but Indiana does seem to be a safe bet.
It is also of some interest that she was buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery. If you have read the letters, you know that Dawson Shull is also buried there and that Jesse Lockhart and his second wife, Martha Jane Shull, were married by the minister of Mt. Zion. (As a digression here, Jesse’s first wife was a woman by the name of Dora who died in Washington Township, Washington County on September 26, 1896 of diphtheria and is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem. A search of marriage indexes in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio listed no marriage for Jesse and Dora.)
Another woman believed to have been Mary’s sister is Sarah Elliott. Sarah was born February 21, 1825 and married James Crocket in Washington County on January 3, 1847. The Crockets soon settled in North East Township, Orange County. Sarah died there on January 22, 1906 and is buried in Trimble Cemetery. Refresh your memory and re-read the obit for Elizabeth A. (Elliott) Douglas, "a sister in Orange (County)".
Part of a biography or James Crockett taken from USGenNet:
"for his second wife Mr. Crockett married Sarah, daughter of William and Mary Elliott, by whom he became father of the children here named: Mary E., Robert N., Martha E., William A., James T., Emma and John. The mother was born February 22, 1822."
Line from the 1900 census for North East Township, Orange County, Indiana.
Crockett Sarah Wife W F Feb 1825 75 M 53 7 6 IN PA PA . . . . . . Yes Yes Yes . . . . .
Okay, if you are reading this carefully, the bio states that Sarah’s parents are William and Mary, it also states that Sarah was born in Indiana in February 22, 1822. However, the census record states that she was born Feb. 1825. The census also states that both parents were born in Pennsylvania.
Okay the simple thing to do here is to contact Orange County and ask for an official death report for Sarah to see if you could confirm a connection. Well, it seems that no death report was filed. I mention this because, at the time, this area of Indiana was (Well, being kind.) remote. There was a law on the books since 1882 to make official reports on deaths, however in this area, some people either did not know the law or simply did not bother to make a report.
Yet another woman believed to have been a sister of Mary’s was Nancy Elliott. Nancy was born about 1825. There is a marriage license for Nancy Elliott and John S. Ruberson issued in Orange County on August 1, 1850. A check of the census suggests that she died some time around 1860, possibly in Indiana or Illinois.
The two brothers listed in Elizabeth Elliott Douglas’ obit are believed to have been John and William and are even harder to account for than the sisters. Referring back to the obit for Elizabeth Elliott Douglas, it mentions a brother in Indianapolis. There is a John Elliott in Perry Township, Marion County, Indiana listed on the 1900 census (of the correct age) but no death record listed at the Marion County Health Department (of the correct age) to check. Of course, the obit was written in 1896 and both brothers were older than Elizabeth (probably) and could have died prior to the 1900 census.
Okay, now back to Mary. The next available record is the 1880 census where we find Mary and Joseph living in Brown Township, Washington County. Also listed are five children: Franklin b. 1854, Rachel b. 1865, Dora E. b. 1866, Jessie H. b. 1871 and Effie R. b. 1876. The census states that Mary’s father was born in Kentucky and her mother born in Tennessee. Another child, William C., is listed as living in Mitchell, Lawrence County.
The 1870 census taken on the 8th of June 1870 finds Mary and Joseph living in Vernon Township, Washington County (Post Office, Lavonia.) with their children: Franklin17. William C. 15, Sarah A. 12, Rachel 5 and Elizabeth 4. If you compare the children from
the 1880 census you will see that Dora E. on 1880 and Elizabeth on 1870 were both born in 1866 so, I assume that they are one in the same person.
Moving on, literally and figuratively, the 1860 census lists Mary, Joseph and family in North East Township, Orange County, Indiana with children Franklin, William and Sarah. The family was living next door to John and Polly Ann Walker Elliott, perhaps her brother.
Another image above is a page from the official book of marriages of Washington County. This portion of the page states that a license was issued to Joseph Lockhart and Mary E. Elliott on August 2, 1852. Two other things to note, the last part of the license was not filled out so it unknown what date they were married and by whom and the license was signed by W(ashington) C(harles) DePauw, a cousin of Joseph.

The Washington Township, Washington County 1850 census (Household 359) lists the following:
Douglas, William 29 IN Farmer
Elizabeth 27 IN
James. H 6 IN
Mary J. 3 IN
Nancy M. 1 IN
Mary E. Elliot 18 IN (Elizabeth Elliott Douglas appears to be Mary's sister.)
All of the individuals were born in Indiana.
Now, another digression, my quest for the family of Mary E. Elliott Lockhart started a few months ago when I contacted Cindy Holsapple-Boone about her connections to the Elliott family of Washington County. Mrs. Holsapple-Boone was kind enough to send

some letters that she had received from other Elliott relatives. In a letter dated June 18, 1988 from Lila R. Pollick of California it states in part, that, "In a letter from Lena Clark to Clarence Douglass (I think) it was stated that Elizabeth had three sisters, Nancy m. Nate Ruberson; Sarah m. Crocket and Mary m. Lockhart. It also stated that she had two brothers namely John and William. She says that the parents were William and Mary Elliott."
So, we have Mary E. born in Indiana, her mother maybe named Mary born in Pennsylvania or Tennessee and her father probably named John or William born in Indiana, Kentucky or Pennsylvania.
Part of the information is this letter comes from a distant cousin, Cindy Holsappel-Boone, who is related through the Elliott line (probably) and the De Pauw line (definitely). In other words, we are distant, double cousins (probably).

**** NOTE: Washington County has kept records of deaths since 1882 but not all deaths are recorded. Saltillo Cemetery has records, but it seems only for deaths in Washington County. It therefore makes some sense to assume that Joseph died prior to 1882 in Brown Township or after 1882 in Lawrence County.


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