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I haven’t had a great deal of luck finding new information this month so, I’m just going to put in some documents that most of you may not have seen
The first item is the death certificate of Jesse H. Lockhart, my grandfather. Of note on this item is the cause of death. My father, Ralph, always said that his father died in a farming accident when a horse rolled over on him. I assume that the coroner did not agree. His age at death is listed as 38, he was in fact 39 years, 7 months and 4 days old.

The next four items are from the De Pauw and Gabbert families. Image right: Cover from the consent to marry for Thomas Gabbert and Polly (Mary Elizabeth De Pauw). Translation: Certificate from Charles De Pauw to m. Tomas Gabbert. Yes, I know it is written, "Tomas gebart’, but trust me.
These four images are from the Clerk’s office in Lincoln County, Kentucky and I have digitally cleaned them (somewhat) to remove some ink stains and smudges.
First image following page: Consent.

I hereby declare that I am willing and am fully satisfied that my daughter Polly should be united in the Bonds of Matrimony with Tomas gebert (Gabbert) given under my hand this 27 day of April 1807.
Witnesses: Signed
John DePauw Charles De Pauw
Jesse Brooks Reachel De Pauw
The above document and cover appears to be written in Charles’ hand and all four signatures to be by their own hands.
**** See note at end.
Image right: Cover for the marriage bond of Thomas Gabbert and Polly De Pauw.
Image next page: Copy of the marriage bond for Thomas Gabbert and Polly De Pauw. If you are wondering, Thomas and Polly are my 3rd great grandparents and Charles and Rachel (maybe) are my 4th great grandparents.
Translation from early 18th century Kentuckenese: (Your guess at the missing words is as good as my guess.)
Know all men by these presents that we Thomas Gabbert and Jesse Brooks are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency Christopher Greenup, Esq. in the sum of 50 Pounds current money for the payment of which to be made we bind ourselves *** firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 5th day of May 1807.

The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there has (been) a License issued from the Clerk’s office of the Lincoln County Court for a License
to issue for a Marriage intended between the above bound Thomas Gebert (Gabbert) and Polly De Pauw now should there be no legal cause to obstruct said Marriage that then this obligation to be void.
Witness: Signed:
Tho Helm Tho Gebert (Gabbert)
Jesse Brooks

Amanda Rogers Shull, mother of Martha Jane Shull (my grandmother), died on July 17, 1901 in Washington County, Indiana at 62 years of age. There is no official birth date for Amanda so the age of 62 on the death record is probably a guess. Cause of death is listed as bronchitis and tuberculosis. You may remember the first document in this letter lists the cause of death of her son-in-law, Jesse H. Lockhart, as pulmonary tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is an extremely contagious disease and there is a possibility here that one might have caught it from the other. The death record does not state where she is buried, however she is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem.
The mother of Amanda Rogers Shull (above) was Abigail Cloud Maxwell Rogers and was possibly the daughter of the following Joseph Cloud. It is known that Abigail was in Washington County from c. 1813 and he is the only male Cloud that appears on the 1820 and 1830 census for Washington County. It is known that Abigail was in Washington County because of an "Indian Scare" story written in about 1876 and mentions her as a small child. If you have not been privy to the story, I will (happily) email a copy. If you are wondering, she first married Caswell Maxwell in 1829 and had two boys. Caswell died April 5, 1836 and she married John Rogers in 1837 and he seems to have deserted the family prior to 1860 after having a girl (the above Amanda) and a boy.
The following is given in the section of Blue River Monthly Meeting Minutes and Marriages for the name Cloud: 9-7-1816, Joseph received in membership; 2-17-1817, Joseph appointed to committee on spiritous [sic] liquors; 1-4-1823, Joseph, Mt. Pleasant Preparative Meeting was complained of for striking a person and using profane language, condemned his conduct; 11-5-1825, Joseph, Mt. Pleasant Preparative Meeting was complained of for using violence against a fellow creature & using profane language, disowned. For the unknowing, these are Quaker records and the Blue River MM was in Washington County.
It was sometimes a Quaker habit to appoint a member to a committee when that member had a problem with which the committee dealt…..In other words, it sounds like Joseph
may have been a mean drunk.
Emily Jane Aton Shull, mother of Dawson (husband of the above Amanda) died in Salem on January 26, 1895 of heart failure at 87 years of age. While the official death record states 87, she was in fact only 83 years, 11 months and 24 days old when she died. She is also buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Salem. Emily was born in Adair County, Kentucky and was the daughter of Henry and Phoebe Aton.
Henry Aton died in Washington County prior to June 27, 1827 when probate was filed on his estate. He and his wife are buried in Peugh Cemetery, Monroe Township, Washington County. Their headstone reads "erected by Emily Shull: Henry Aton age 66, Phoebe Aton age 70". This might indicate Phoebe died about five years after Henry.
No, I do not know why Henry sold his land and house with possessions in 1803 but I do know that he was still living in Adair County and owned other property near Leatherwood (Creek) and a home there until after 1820 when he is listed on the census as Henery Ayton.
This Rachel (nee Young) De Pauw was believed to have died in November 1806. This information just adds to the confusion over the wives of Charles De Pauw. However, there is a marriage bond for Charles De Pauw and Peggy Randolph dated March 24, 1808, less than eleven months after Rachel (either his first or second wife) signed the above consent form.
And now for some laughs, I will relate this bit!!!! Please DO NOT TAKE THIS AS FACT!
I will now relate a short story (literary license invoked) about my Presbyterian ancestors…..
It seems that a certain Thomas Lockhart (Captain in the militia and Presbyterian elder), my 4th great grandfather, became infused with, for lack of a better phrase, the Holy Ghost during a Reformed service and jumped up on the back of the pew to declare, "My God is the one true God and pain and suffering to any Unbelievers!"
Poor Thomas was a bit advanced in age and less so in mental capacity, agility and balance. Poor, poor Thomas being unable to retain his balance fell across the pew in front of him causing discomfort to the assembled family of the Widow Scott. This caused the rather large and pompous Widow Scott to emit a rather unchurchly oath and to start swatting poor old Thomas with her paper fan which had the 10 commandants printed on it. After all, ‘Do unto others.’
Poor Thomas seemed to recover from his bumps and burses from the fall and swatting, but things were never quite the same. This event so embarrassed his sons that they seemed to move in mass to Indiana and other points west.
However, his son William, my 3rd g.g., seemed to recover fully from this event and after a few years (not wanting to run the risk of Presbyterian wrath) helped form what is today know as the Christian Church or the Church of God whichever.
Behave yourself in church and don’t jump up on the back of any of the pews especially on one of the days when you attend unclothed……as you have mentioned is your wont to
do. After all, I’m sure that there is a rather large and pompous "Widow Scott" seated somewhere in the congregation and I would not want you to cause any discomfort to the assembled causing you to have to found a new religion.

Well, I laughed anyway……….

Some additional De Pauw info from our Belgian cousin:
1. Livinus Joannes De Pauw (call name: Joannes so Jan Baptiste
+ Ghent, died 12 Apr 1777 as a widower in his house situated Korte Steenstraet in Ghent
and (+) H.Kerst parochie( Holy Saviour parish-Paroisse St.Sauveur)
2. His first wife: Adriana De Bruyckere + Ghent, died O4 Jun 1752 in the same place and was buried in the same parish cemetary.
3. His second wife: Maria Francisca De Pauw (call name:Appolonia)
+ Ghent, died 30 Sep 1756 in the same place and was also buried in the same parish cemetery.
#1. Father of Charles De Pauw.
#2. Father’s first wife.
#3. Father’s second wife and mother of Charles.

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